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Men’s Shoes New

– Travelling Loafers –

Exploration made stylishly simple. Unlined, soft and crushable, these will be favourite travelling companions.
Handmade in England.

– Tassel Loafers –

A symbol of elegant leisure.
Handmade in England

– Cashmere Slippers –

Luxury has been defined here. Experience this exceptionally superior footwear.
Handmade in England.

– Formal Slippers –

Eloquent simplicity and sartorial sophistication. Enjoy the entertainment.
Handmade in England.

– Denim Slippers –

The world’s best denim is produced by the artisans of Japan on ancient looms.
Handmade in England.

– Embroidered Slippers –

Inspired by the world around Arthur Sleep. Make a mark on yours.
Handmade in England.

– Leather Slippers –

Impregnable chic. From city streets to dancing beats.
Handmade in England.

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